Welche Musik darf man bei YouTube-Videos legal unterlegen?

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

So gesehen darfst du nur öffentliche Musik (Künstler verzichtet auf Copyright) oder Musik an denen du die Rechte besitzt benützen. Ob es was nützt, wenn du die Komponisten etc. in die Beschreibung setzt weiß ich nicht, da sagen alle was anderes. Du wirst allerdings sicher nicht gleich aus deinem Haus geklagt, im Normalfall wird das Video gesperrt oder du bekommst einen Strike. Wenn es ein bisschen weiter geht (selten) kriegst du einen Anwaltsbrief und musst Strafe zahlen. Schau auf incompetech.com nach Musik oder auf YouTube gibt es ein eigenes Modul für CreativeCommon Musik

Nein darfst du nicht. Denn alle Rechte außer der rein privaten Nutzung (dazu gehört nicht die Veröffentlichung bei Youtube) liegen beim Publisher.

Du kannst den Publisher anschreiben und um die Erlaubnis bitten, wenn du diese bekommst ist alles in Ordnung. Oder du schreibst an die GEMA und versuchst das Musikstück zu lizenzieren.

Wie findet ihr den About me Text?

Hello my name is Musterman and I want to tell you something about me. I'm 14 years old. I was born on the tweenty three July 2001. I can speak German, Turkish, French and English. I live with my mum, my aunt and my little brother. My mothers name is Musterfrau. She works as a beautician. My aunts Name is Musterfrau she works as a hairdresser. She has her own hairdressing salon. My little brother is ten years old. He goes to the Thiebaubtschool. He is in grade 4. This is his last year. My family has different hobbies. My little brother loves biking and playing football. My mother loves to read books. My aunt loves listening to music. She loves music. I'm a student at the Schillerschool and I'm in grade 9. My Family and I live in a flat in Ettlingen. The flat has three rooms. I share my room with my little brother. We have one Balcony and we live near a footballpitch. I'm very happy about it because I love to play football. My Hobbies are playing Football and Basketball, go to the gym, an play Computergames. I can play drums and I love to read books abou fantasy and horror. My favorite books are Hunger games, Fear Street and Harry Potter. My favorite Film is Forrest Gump because its a nice film. My favorite author is Joanna K. Rowling, because she writes nice books and never gives up. She always says: poor or rich everybody has a Chance! Joanna was born in Yate. She studied French in the University of Exter. Then she worked as a Teacher in Wales. She doesn't earn much money. Then she had an idea, it was the book Harry Potter. She became famous and is one of the richest Woman worldwide. My favorite Colour is yellow because its a wonderful and luminous colour. I love listen to good music. I like listen to Justin Bieber and Selena G. If i were a millionaire, I would donate my money to poor people. I would travel to them and give them a laugt. I dont have a pet. I would like a dog but my mother says we would not care about him. My favorite food is Pizza. It just tastes good. My dream job is to be a policeman. I like jobs that are rich adventure. ( Rechtschreibung egal = aussprache + grammatik wichtig ) Danke!!

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Kann jemand mal diesen Englisch-Text durchschauen?

Ist er grammatikalisch korrekt? Oder wie ist er ? fehler?

My name is xxx i´m 22 years old and i live with my family in munich. I was born in freiburg. Since xxx I go to school in munich, in the elementary school I was in munich at the school Hans-Werner. I am one hundred sixty-five centimeters tall. My eyes is blue and my hair is brown. My shoe size is Fourty three. I have a sisters. The name of my sisters is Leonie, she is nineteen years old. She is just finishing her Abitur. My father´s name is Martin, he is fiftythree years old and he works as industrial mechanic in the audi in munich. My mother´s name is Anne and she is fiftyone and works in the Lidl in munich. I have a two pets. A dog, his name is Bambie, he is a dobermann. He's already twelve years old.My Cat is a little cat.

I have an uncle who lives in Japan. He is a priest . I have another uncle who lives in Africa. He is a dental technician. I have, however, never visited them. They always fly to Germany and visit us here.

My hobbies:

My hobbies are football, listen to music, watching Youtube videos and to do sports especially bicycle drive.

My Interessed:

I have relative lots interessed. I have a many favourite movies, among them Independence Day and the Shark. My favourite football club is Borussia Dortmund, my favourite football player is Mario Gomez from the team VFL Wolfsburg. He is a good player. I myself was also in a football team. But I was never in a football stadium. I prefer watching the games on TV. I do not have a favorite series, but sooner I looked Grip. This is a car serie for teenagers, the story takes place in Hamburg. My Interessed in the music lying in rock and pop. My favourite band is Rammstein, The song Gold is the best of all. But the band Kraftklub, is also very good. On YouTube I Melch, he makes good videos. Its kind of videos are Pranks and Comedy. On the PlayStation I mostly Play resident evil 6.

I am also very interested in cars, my favorite car is the Ford Fiesta RS.

I wanted to have a job with animals. Now I am interested in the office. This is an area with good progress possibilities. My favourite food is Hamburger, I never drink sugar drinks, actually only water.

I find the school subjects sports and german preferably. Meanwhile, I find English but also always better.

But the subjects biology, is also very good. Because It is a good learning subject. The topic has to be read only when learning.

I'm interested me also very for the Motor-Racing Formel 4. In the topic I last year also mine Project examination done.

I rarely read a book, but I like a book. It is called Five Friends, there is also a film of the book. The book is about an adventure in Egypt. I like the film better, because the book is just a summary and the film is more detailed.

I like the topic of medicine too, but to study medicine is too difficult.

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Dezentrale Englisch Prüfung Talking about myself?

Hallo, würde mich freuen wenn jemand sich das mal drüber lesen könnte und mir Verbesserungsvorschläge machen könnte, bin mir nicht sicher ob das so gut formuliert ist

Danke schon mal im Vorfeld

My name is .......I am .....years old. I was born on the 15. of dezember ..... in ...... Now we live in ...... . We live in a nice house. The house has three floors. the lower and upper apartments were rented by a family and a company.Me and My Family live in the middle apartment. My Family consists of my mother ......, my father ......, my brothers .....and .:.., and my sisters .....and ....... My brother .......is 20 years old and my other brother ..... is 1 years old. ...... is 19 and ..... is 16 years old. My father works at landrasamt and my mother is a houswife. My parents emigrated from ..... to Germany at the age of fifteen. My favorite hobbies are swimming and badminting. I almost go swimming on saturday or sunday. I love to watch series. my favourite serie is the big bang theory .I play a lot of games on my Playstation. My favourite game is Fortnite. I can speak three languages German English and .... My first language is ..... . At school, my favorite subjects are math and english. In the future I would like to do the grade 10. I'am thinking about doing something with cars or electronics in the future.

ich weis nicht genau wie ich das beenden könnte vielleicht... that is mi Life ...

ps : ich muss 5 Minuten über mich sprechen

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