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Kann man einen wertvollen Gutschein nach Verlust duplizieren lassen? Wie ist das Gesetz?

Hi , Sorry for asking this in English as my German Language is still not very good , I recentely lost my wallet and with that, I also lost a voucher of value 220 euros which i got when i returned a purchased good from one of the famous jeans store , I have the copy of the voucher and also the receipt of the purchase but the store is saying they cannot do anything in this case as per Law they cannot print the voucher again but isn't the voucher has some identification attached to it so that it can be printed again and more over it is an genuine case of lost , so i just want to ask what does law says for this kind of condition and are ther are any official agencies where i can get some help ?

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Since I'm not an expert on this matter, I'll just reference to other sources that I've found:

According to § 807 BGB (German Civil Code) you can not claim a new voucher for the one you lost. The § 798 BGB is not applicable.

However, the voucher should have some kind of identification/invoice number which the store might be able to trace back. Maybe this can be found on the receipt.

The store can disable the original voucher and give you a new one if they carry it out on the firm's expense.

A similar question has been asked before here: (see first answer)

There are companies that accept copied/printed vouchers (e.g. McDonald's). In your case I assume that only the original voucher is beeing accepted (general terms and conditions).

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Sorry, no excuse for your miswritten wording. "Double trouble."

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