Kann man einen wertvollen Gutschein nach Verlust duplizieren lassen? Wie ist das Gesetz?

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Since I'm not an expert on this matter, I'll just reference to other sources that I've found:

According to § 807 BGB (German Civil Code) you can not claim a new voucher for the one you lost. The § 798 BGB is not applicable.

However, the voucher should have some kind of identification/invoice number which the store might be able to trace back. Maybe this can be found on the receipt.

The store can disable the original voucher and give you a new one if they carry it out on the firm's expense.

A similar question has been asked before here: (see first answer)

There are companies that accept copied/printed vouchers (e.g. McDonald's). In your case I assume that only the original voucher is beeing accepted (general terms and conditions).

Sorry, no excuse for your miswritten wording. "Double trouble."

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